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Nutrition and Wellness

nutrition and wellness

MCI Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation provides tools for sustainable and healthy weight loss and a healthier, happier life. The MCI Medical Nutrition and Wellness division provides MCI patients with two programs designed to improve health through nutrition. Led by a registered dietician Suzanne Carere, the Fat Loss Program is designed to increase energy and self-esteem while decreasing risk of chronic disease. The OHIP-covered Disease Management Program is designed to help individuals manage diabetes and/or high cholesterol. Led by Carere and overseen by a medical doctor, this program provides healthy lifestyle techniques that individuals can easily transition into their daily routines. For more information visit the website here. To read more about MCI Medical specialty care, visit Through education and ongoing, one-on-one guidance, the MCI Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation team will help you create a lasting healthy lifestyle.
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