Treatment for Motor Vehicle Accident

If you or someone you care about has been in a car accident, it can be the most traumatic event and can leave you devastated. At MCI Physiotherapy, when a motor vehicle accident happens, we are here to help you recover. We will take the pressure off, both mentally and physically as we handle all of the paperwork, insurance claims and medical-legal documentations, leaving room for YOU to focus on your wellness and recovery.

We offer comprehensive multi-disciplinary rehab programs for these motor vehicle injuries. The most common injuries are to the upper spine, back and neck resulting in aches and pains commonly referred to as the Neck / Whiplash Injury. Other associated pain may include joint and muscle pain, headaches, arm and leg pain, and list goes on. The potential seriousness of injuries left untreated may be insignificant at first but could result in life-long chronic pain and disabilities. Our experienced, compassionate team of certified physiotherapists and healthcare professionals will treat your injuries from the start till the very end. We offer free consultations with a physiotherapist for your questions & concerns regarding your Motor Vehicle Accident. Please ask our receptionist for more details or call us to schedule your initial complimentary consultation today.