Back Pain/Sciatica

At MCI Physiotherapy, we understand that back pain can greatly interfere with everyday life, hindering patients from engaging in the activities they love. Back pain symptoms can range in intensity from mild to severe, and range from upper, middle and lower back symptoms.

Back symptoms such as sprains and Sciatica are very common conditions, which can become chronic over a long period of time.

Sciatica arises when a disk in your spinal column presses on the nerve roots in the spine. Symptoms of sciatica range from pins and needles to sharp pain in your legs and back. During your initial consultation with a Physiotherapist /Registered specialist, the structure of your back, your symptoms and medical history will be assessed and we will develop a treatment plan individualized to your needs. You may meet with a Registered Chiropractor throughout your course of treatment, and a range of physiotherapy treatments are also available, including manual therapy, massage therapy and exercise rehabilitation. Working together, our goal is to restore your mobility and improve your quality of life. Find a clinic near you and set up your initial consultation today. No referral necessary.